Grape Vines in Indonesia

January 27, 2011

Green colored Carolina Blackrose

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Here is my green colored carolina blackrose in comparison with balinese grape (alphonse lavale).

Green colored Carolina Blackrose with Balinese grapeIn Nov 2010, i went to bali with my brother, a cousin and a friend, actually they are the ones who wanted to go there, i was just accompanied them.  I picked these grapes on Nov 24th ’10.

I bought the balinese grape at carrefour in denpasar, no one liked it, just me, they bought for themselves red globe, i always buy balinese grape when i’m in bali.  It is sweet, tangy and tart, the seeds are large and bitter and can hurt your tounge if you chew them too much.  I like to chew the seed because of its grape seed oil.

Carolina blackrose, simply known as caroline grape in indonesia, has much different taste than balinese grape, it is crunchier, much sweeter, with a fragrance aroma, maybe this is what is called muscat flavor, and mine because i used fruit growth hormon, the seed formation is a few, maybe just 1-2 small seed and not even bitter, and it failed to color.  every person tasted the grape liked it, they said it is sweeter and more fragrance than red globe, though smaller.

I applied once the hormon on the 7th day after bloom, one of the result is the fruit stem also enlarge triple than normal diameter.  in the previous season, i applied it on the 14th and 21st day after bloom and the fruit stem diameter stay normal.

I don’t know what is the ingredient in the “sar-bu” fruit growth hormon because there is no explanation in the label.  But surely every time i used it, after the harvest, the grape vine weakening, the growth is stunted and need extra 3-4 months to rejuvenate again to be ready for next fruiting.

Maybe because it is sensitive to gibberelin.  I read in some australian table grape web, the maroo seedless variety which is a crossed of carolina blackrose and ruby seedless(?) also sensitive to gibberelin.  Grapevine sensitive to gibberelin will reduce their vigor and fruiting in the next growth.

As far as i know, there are 2 other kinds of grape in bali, both have green color, one is called bali putih (means white colored from bali) and the other called anggur belgie / belgium grape / kediri kuning (yellow colored from kediri).



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