Grape Vines in Indonesia

March 13, 2011

Anggur Prabu Bestari = Red Prince or Black Prince?

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In my first writing : Grape vines in Indonesia, I mentioned Prabu Bestari as originally came from Black Prince grape, which is came from Rose of Peru grape.  I just looked back on my writing and checked the web site again. Last time i only checked on american grape website.

I have never found any grape named red prince, as far as i can find, red prince is a cultivar name for some apples.

But the color of the grape is red, why was it named as black?  I found out in wikipedia, it might got nothing to do with the color of the grape, but it might be tributed to Black Prince’s ruby from england, a gemstone belong to Black Prince which his real name was Edward of Woodstock, is this true?

Then today i found out, there are three kinds of grape named as Black Prince :

1. Cinsaut, originally came from France.

2. Schiava Grossa, originally came from Italy.

3. Black Prince, or Rose of Peru, came from South Africa.

So which one is the black prince grape in indonesia? ( If it is true black prince, not red prince as it is thought to be ).

Then I simply checked the holding institution, I found out, among those three grapes, indonesia’s  -IDN01- only has the right to keep the Schiava Grossa.

so if Prabu Bestari is Black Prince, So the Black Prince is from Schiava Grossa (?)

Other grapes I’m wondering are:

Is Balinese grape really Alphonse Lavalle or Gross Colman?

What are the original names of belgium grape, Jestro AG86 and AG60?

Any one can help?




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